Thank you everyone for attending! It was an amazing event!
The tournament ended in a draw, 5 points per side. Here is the breakdown:
Tournament  Ramshaven  Trinovantia
Type	    & Allies   Nova & Allies
Heavy:         1            1
Rapier:        2            0
Archery:       1            1
Chess:         1            1
Dance:         0            2
Total:         5            5
We're hoping to do it again next year!
P.S. For any Lost and Found questions, please email the Event Stewards below.

East Elgin Community Complex
531 Talbot St. W, Aylmer, ON
Site opens 10am, closes 10pm
The site is wet, No BYOB

(children under 14: $6, babes in arms: free)
Non-member surcharge applies: +$3.00
Site Token is a Dance Music CD
for adults, a mask for children

wo great Doges and their allies match wits in 15th-century Florentine style, plotting with their Councillors of Sword, Rapier, Archery, Dance and Chess to win the day and be hailed as "The Most Mighty, Cultured and Cunning City-State."

This is a combined Tournaments and Dance event. There will be heavy, rapier, archery and chess tournaments as well as dance classes all day, and Masquerade dancing starting at 5:30pm, through the evening. Everyone is encouraged to bring masks to add to the ambiance. We planned this event right after Halloween for a reason! We will have a mask-making table and supplies available during the day for anyone who wants to make their own. There will be prizes for Coolest Mask, Funniest mask and Scariest Mask.
Mask Examples (so you can make your own!): One Two Three Four Five


Starts at 4PM - Four mini-meal Removes will be served Buffet-style, with Court at 4:30pm, after the first Remove. Masquerade dancing andChess will proceed between Removes. A children's feast will also be offered. Closed lanterns only, please. A $5.00 Lunch Tavern will be available around noon.


This Ealdormerean event pits Trinovantia Nova and Her allies against Ramshaven and Her allies in a competition for 10 victory points and the title of "Most Mighty, Cultured and Cunning City-State." Trinovantia and Ramshaven will each choose one person to be their Doge (an Italian political ruler) for the Day. There will be victory Points for Heavy(2), Rapier(2), Archery(2), Dance(2) and Chess(2). Each side will choose one Councillor for each of these areas. The Doge will then plot and strategize with his/her Councillors throughout the day in order to win as many points as possible. Each Doge starts the day with a Purse of Florins and may purchase "Upgrades" from a list, for each contest.

The rules of the game for each of the five areas are listed here. Rules may be updated periodically.


Dance classes will be held on the hour from 10am to 4pm. We will try to have two dance classes running simultaneously so we can teach a lot of dances to prepare for the evening masquerade. The Masquerade Ball will begin around 5pm and continue all evening. Please wear a mask if possible! Here are the most likely dances, although we may add more, and I believe there will be 15th c. Italian classes too.

Hole in the Wall
Black Nag
Black Alman
Sellenger's Round
Gathering Peascods
Maltese Bransle
Official Bransle
Jenny Pluck Pears
Rufty Tufty
Horse's Bransle
Scotland the Brave


For Heavy fighting, there will be one Melee and one Warlords-style tourney worth 1 victory point each. For Rapier, there will be a Singles and Round-robin tournament, worth one war point each. For each battle, the Doge will purchase Upgrades from a list of options, which may include spears, shields, tower shields, bucklers, and so on. The Doge and Councillor then plot deployment strategy before the battle begins. You may notice that this is somewhat similar to the tactical game Warhammer... See the heavy rules here, fencing rules here.


Archery is outdoors, weather permitting. For the tournament, there will be two themed Shoots worth 1 victory point each. Upgrades may include crossbows, extra arrows, and "fog of war" enhancements. See the archery rules here.


Two of the Evening Masquerade dances will be designated as Dance Tournaments, each worth 1 victory point. Dancers can practice their skills at dance classes during the day. The first dance will be a poaching tournament, and the second a demonstration of artfullness and skill. See the dance rules here.


The Chess Tournament is worth 2 victory points. Players can challenge opponents any time during the day or evening. Each player can play a maximum of three games. The team with the most wins when the Feast is over scores all the victory points. See the full rules here.


Event Stewards:



Royalty Liason:
(to be decided)

Merchant Liason:


Feast Steward:


Heavy Marshal:

Rapier Marshal:
Louisa Zavitz

Archery Marshal:
Edmund de la Haye

DIRECTIONS ... Regional Map ... Aylmer Map ... MapQuest

  • From Windsor & London, take 401 East - from Kitchener & Toronto, take 401 West
  • Exit 203 (Hwy #73) South to Aylmer - drive 22 km
  • turn Right (West) at second set of lights onto Talbot St. West - drive 0.5 km
  • The East Elgin Community Complex is on the north side of Talbot just as you are leaving Aylmer.

See you at the event!

© 2007 Adam Love