November 22nd, 2008

St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School
5100 Bill Martyn Parkway, R.R. #4
St. Thomas, ON N5R 6A7
Site opens 9am, closes 11pm

Site Fee: $10 (plus $3 NMS where applicable)
Feast: $10
Children's Feast: $5 - Reservations for this MUST be
received by Nov. 1st, Cheques to: "SCA - Trinovantia Nova"

wo great haunted Doges and their allies match wits in 15th-century Florentine style, plotting in contests of Sword, Rapier, and Chess to win the day and be hailed as "The Most Mighty, Cultured, Cunning and, uhh... Frightening City-State."

This is a combined Tournaments and Dance event. There will be heavy, rapier, and chess tournaments as well as dancing all day, and a Masquerade Dance Ball through the evening. Everyone is encouraged to bring masks to add to the ambiance. We planned this event soon after Halloween for a reason! Mask Examples (so you can make your own!): Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5


With harvest behind us and winter looming ever closer, Trinovantia Nova invites you all to come help us ring out the season with another frighteningly fun Masquerade! This year's theme is "The Nightmare Before Yule", loosely based on Tim Burton's animated musical Nightmare Before Christmas. Scheduled events include fighting, fencing, a Chess Tournament, and of course the evening Masquerade Ball, where we hope to see many goblins and spirits come out to play!


1st Remove ... A Celebration of the Season - 4:00pm
• Honey butters • Rye and Pumpernickle breads
• Appetizers of cheese, eggs, quail, grapes, chutney, other stuff
• Roasted Carrot soup with a candied ginger • Pork stuffed with fruit & rice roasted
• Roasted root vegetables to celebrate the harvest season • Spinach tarts
• Roasted apples with currents and cream
2nd Remove
• French breads • Herb butters
• Duck and fowl terrines • Mussels in a white wine mushroom sauce
• Chickens stuffed with grapes, prunes and onions in a french style
• Glazed carrots • Minted peas
Please contact the Feast Steward (below) regarding any special food considerations prior to Nov. 1st.


Sins vs. Virtues
Format: Warlord/Melee • Victory condition: EXTERMINATION
Authorizations/Inspections: 11:30am • Tournament: 1:00pm
• Teams will be arranged in two groups, one side representing the Chivalric Virtues (Honor, Franchise, etc.), and the other side representing Chivalric Sins (Wrath, Dishonor, etc.).
• The dividing line will be Their Majesty's Highway #400. Those that live west (or left, or "sinister") will fight as Sins. Those that live east (or right, or "dexter") will fight as Virtues. (Those that live on the Highway must be very good at dodging traffic.)
• First half of the tournament will be each side runnning through a basic Warlord tournament to determine two team Captains for the second half.
• Special: The "Sins" side will have the opportunity to "Cheat", and remove one fighter of their choice from the opposing team at any point during the second half. The "Virtues" side will have the opportunity to "Heal" and resurrect one fighter of their choice during the second half.
ALSO: A Youth Boffer Tournament, starting around 11:30am! See Elzbeth for details.


Headless Horseman
• Dance Card Tournament: The competitors will be divided up as guests of Brom Bones (Sins) or Ichabod Crane (Virtues). Guests of Brom Bones may sing their tale of the Horseman during their fights. Details to follow at day of tournament. Guests of Ichabod Crane may request decorum during their fights. Details to follow at day of tournament.
• 2 pm After the Ball: Single Resurrection Battle. Guests of Brom Bones will face off against guests of Ichabod Crane. After first death, fighters will resurrect as Horsemen. Elimination occurs after second death. Details to follow at day of tournament.
• 3:30 pm Day's Activities Ends to allow for Feast Set-up.


Dancing starts at 10:30am this year, and we have two rooms for dancing until 4pm! After feast, we will have a Masquerade Ball until 10pm. Dance until you drop! Also, towards the end of the night there will be a Parade of Masks and prizes for Coolest Mask, Funniest mask and Scariest Mask. The prizes go to the Mask-Maker, who must be present.


A chess tournament will be happening all day! Sign up at Troll when you come in, or see Rocriptus at his armor table. More details at the event.


Event Stewards:

(Matt Bagshaw)

(Kate Appelman)

Reservation Steward:

Merchant Wrangler:

Youth Marshals:

Feast Steward & Lunch Counter:
Baroness Margaret of the E'rainn
(519) 762-6984

Heavy Marshal:

Rapier Marshal:

Dance Master:

(519) 435-1200

Chess Master:

DIRECTIONS ... Regional Map ... St. Thomas Map ... MapQuest

  • From Windsor, take 401 East - from Kitchener/Toronto, take 401 West
  • Exit 189 (Highbury Ave South), go South toward St. Thomas - drive 18 km
  • turn Right (West) onto South Edgeware - drive 1.2 km
  • turn Left onto Burwell Rd. (Burwell becomes Fairview Ave at Talbot St.)
  • turn Right onto Bill Martyn Parkway -- the driveway to the front of the school will be on your right.
  • NOTE: You can unload in front of the school, but you cannot park there -- these spaces have been reserved by VIP permit only.
  • Day Parking is behind the school. Go back to Fairview, and head north to the first driveway on the left. The doors there will be open, but you will need your site token from the Gatekeeper if you want to take part in any of the events.

See you at the event!

© 2008 Adam Love